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About Us

Hello there. We are the two sisters, Jade and Amber, behind Kain & Wares.

It all started in our heads a few years ago. We grew up in the UK, but our mum is from Indonesia and every time we’d visit to see family, one of our favorite parts was going to local handicraft markets and traditional fabric makers. Indonesia has a wealth of diverse craftsmanship. It’s something that’s always excited us and we’ve known for a long time we wanted to find a way to work within it.

Fast forward a few years, and Kain & Wares was created in the midst of other jobs, commitments and babies. So it’s taken some time and a lot of patience! We also wanted to make sure we were doing everything in the right way – working with makers directly so we knew wages and conditions were good, as well as creating products that were as sustainable as possible.

So today, we like to make things that look good, but we also want to do good.

Our homewares are all handmade piece by piece by expert crafts men and women. They’ve been doing things this way for years.

All our wares are made with natural or recycled materials, and we avoid using synthetic chemicals at any point. This way we can make sure our products are as safe as possible, for both you and the planet.

We also only make using sustainable, strong materials – mangowood, coconut wood and plant-dyed linen - because it’s the responsible thing to do.

Our products are made to stand out in your homes and on your tables. But they’re also made to stand up, for a better way of doing things.