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Good Wood

Good Wood

As a standard, all our wares are made from natural or recycled materials. For our first wooden kitchen and tableware collection we chose mangowood.

Mangowood is densely grained, which creates unique, natural markings in the wood, making each piece one of a kind. As well as looking good, mangowood is hardwearing. It has a similar level of durability to other hardwoods such as ash and oak, making it an ideal material for daily use in the home.

Not only is it strong and water resistant, mangowood is also really sustainable. The trees are grown for their fruit and the wood is a by-product used once the older trees become barren. The mango tree reaches maturity at around 15 years, which for a hard wood is a relatively quick time. At this point they produce less fruit or stop altogether, so  they’re chopped down to make way for new ones. The farmers plant new trees every 7 to 15 years before the fruits dry up. This creates a sustainable cycle with only the less fruitful trees being chopped down for wood.

In as much as possible, our materials are sourced in the same place our products are made, which minimises our carbon foot-print. This is true of our mangowood which is grown in Central Java and then sent to our makers also in Central Java.

We avoid using any chemicals in the making of our homewares, so that our products are as safe and natural as possible, both for the planet and for people. Our mangowood is never chemically treated but instead kiln dried to prepare it for carving. Once made, each piece is polished up and protected with natural tung oil (a kind of nut oil). No chemicals in our manufacturing process means that our customers can be confident that their chopping boards, plates and utensils are completely food safe.

So from the day it’s chopped down until it reaches your table, our mangowood is an all-round good wood.