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Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

All the online and in-store searching for gifts might be starting to take its toll on your patience round about now, especially if you’re looking for gifts with some real thought behind them.

Good news - we’ve put nothing but thought into our homewares, so we’ve got you covered there. All our wares are handmade, hand dyed and crafted with only natural, sustainable materials, piece by piece. So if you want to let someone know you care this Christmas, we’re here to help you with gifts that are made with the utmost care.

Home has become one of the most important things for most of us this year. So we’ve come up with a few home gifting ideas for some of the different people in your life.




This year has brought a lot more home entertainers out of the woodwork, and if you’re lucky enough to have one (or more) of these people in your life, you’ll know the type. Loves cooking and serving up the tastiest food and drink for friends and family, revels in bringing people together to celebrate and your glass and plate are never empty when you’re in their home.

Because those who like to entertain likely float in between the kitchen and dining/living space where guests are, we’ve suggested a gift set they can use in both spaces.

Our linen aprons are practical for cooking but look so good they’ll want to keep it on popping in and out of the dining room. Similarly, the mangowood longboard is great for prep in the kitchen, but also a standout presentation board for the table.


Most of us promise ourselves we’ll find the time to go to the gym more, eat better, do more yoga, more reading, more meditation. And it never happens. But there are those rare people we know who seem to get the balance right. They’re the ones who always seem to have time for self-care and well-being (they’re usually the ones with the glowing complexions and a positive outlook).

They’ll put as much effort in to making food for themselves as they would for a group of friends. So we think giving them a gift that makes their food look and feel as special as they’d like, will go a long way.

Our mangowood plate, spread knife, fork, spoon and linen napkins make the perfect set up to indulge in the freshest and tastiest foods for one.

These are the ones who, no matter how long or busy the day’s been, they’ll always make sure that they and their loved ones are gathered and eating together at the dining table for proper meals. No teas on knees in this household. 

Our natural, hand-dyed linen tableware make for anything but run of the mill table settings. And a mix and match set will help them keep their dining table looking special every meal time.